I am having such a blast working on a number of the young adult projects on our Spring 2011 list for the Sourcebooks Fire imprint.  But our list for Fall is looking mighty slim.  So I’m on the hunt-down–looking to acquire good stuff fairly quickly.

The YA market right now is incredibly competitive, so it’s imperative to have a hook to grab booksellers/media/readers in 2-3 sentences.  Having an author with a track record or built-in fan base is also immensely helpful.  The book needs a riveting plot with a fresh premise. I want to be completely absorbed in the world–whether it’s summer in the Hamptons, a dystopian future or 1880s London.

Right now only truly objective criterion is the word count: 60,000-90,000.  I’m open to just about any setting and genre.  The main protagonist should be older teens, and the book should have strong crossover potential to the adult market.

Submissions can be emailed to me at leah.hultenschmidt [at] sourcebooks.com.  Please attach the ms and synopsis as separate Word documents and note in the subject line: YA – [Title].