I hate April Fool’s Day.  Probably because I’m the gullible sucker who believes every news story until the very last paragraph screaming GOTCHA!  So far today, I’ve wondered:

  • how the Obama administration really planned to shut down the Internet every Wednesday to help promote reading in one of its initiatives for a book-publishing bailout program (via ShelfAwareness).
  • how Ann Aguirre could really leave the wonderful Bradford Agency to sign on with the new Dear Author Agency (as I dreaded having to hash out contracts with legal-eagle Jane Litte), and how Jane’s friendship with the Smart Bitches could have ended up in such a nasty-sounding lawsuit.
  • how this guy was was going to protect us from the end of the world.

Except, wait, that last one’s real.  Author David Robbins models the costume of Blade, a character from his wildly popular Endworld series.

So what stories have gotten you today?  I have a few signed, limited-edition chapter booklets from Angie Fox’s DANGEROUS BOOK FOR DEMON SLAYERS.  Everyone who comments gets one until I run out.


If you’re the type who always needs to be in the know, keep these titles on your radar in the coming months.  Each is the start to a new series, though of course they all also stand alone as a full and complete novel. 


Dept. 18 by L.H. Maynard and M.P.N. Sims (horror) – BLACK CATHEDRAL launches this series about a paranormal investigative unit of the British government.  One of their first missions is a haunted castle in Scotland.  Read more about this mysterious agency and download the first 50 pages of the book. If you liked X-Files, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Stolen series by Elisabeth Naughton (romantic suspense) – STOLEN FURY is the first of three high-octane, super adventurous suspense novels.  Each novel features a bit of archaeology and treasure hunting combined with steamy romance and lots of danger. Allison Brennan says: “If you like Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, you’ll love Naughton’s dazzling romantic adventure.”


Ghost-in-Law series by Jana DeLeon (mystery romance) – The folks in Mudbug, Lousiana, thought town matriarch Helena Henry was a pest when she was alive, but even death can’t stop her from investigating some fishy bayou goings-on and interfering in love lives, guaranteeing there’ll be TROUBLE IN MUDBUG. 

Classic Film Collection by various authors (Western) – Novels that were the basis of some of the greatest Western movies of all time.  Read more.  


Endworld by David Robbins (sci-fi adventure) – One hundred years after DOOMSDAY, a group of nuclear survivors struggles to stay alive in a world filled with peril.


The Adventures of Gabriel Hunt by various authors (adventure) – The editor of Hard Case Crime has developed a new pulp-style series, featuring a modern-day adventurer traveling the globe in pursuit of priceless artifacts and lost civilizations. Anyone who grew up reading H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, or Alexandre Dumas and Sax Rohmer, or Doc Savage and the Avenger…or who grew up watching adventure movies starring Buster Crabbe or Harrison Ford…will want to check out HUNT AT THE TREASURE WELL. See www.HuntForAdventure.com for more.