The publishing world was abuzz yesterday with news of B&N’s new ebook reader, the Nook (seriously, where do they get these names?).  And from everything I’ve seen and read, it looks pretty darn cool. 

The B&N site does a nice comparison of Nook vs. Kindle, but I’ve recently been looking at upgrading my Palm to an iPod Touch.  So I did my own comparison:

                                                      iPod                           Nook

  • Ebooks                          yes                               yes
  •      epub                          no                                yes
  •     eReader                    yes                               yes
  •     Kindle                        yes                               no
  • Music                             yes                               yes
  • Movies                          yes                                 no
  • Word doc                     yes*                               no
  • pdf                                  yes*                              yes
  • wireless download    yes                               yes
  • Wi-fi capable              yes                                 yes
  • operating sys             Mac                              Android (Google)
  • eInk (good for sun)   no                                yes
  • backlit (good for dark) yes                          no
  • screen size                     3.5″ diag                      6″ diag.
  • loan books                  no                                   yes
  • price                         $199 8G/$299 32G       $259
  • expansion slot          no                                   yes
  • replaceable bat.       no                                   yes
  • Web browsing           yes                                   ?

* requires app at additional charge

The biggest questions for me come down to screen size and backlit vs. eInk.  I’m having a real hard time deciding because on one hand, I love to read on our sunny terrace (which gives backlit devices a terrible glare), but I also like reading in bed and not having the light on to bother the DH (eInk requires a separate light source). 

Also, how functional is the Nook at web browsing in a wireless hotspot? 

The Nook is available for preorder now and will start shipping Nov. 30. At that time, it will also be in stores for customers to demo.


Some good news to report today:

  • MY WICKED VAMPIRE by Nina Bangs is in its second week on the USA Today best-seller list
  • called DARK LEGACY by Anna DeStefano the “top genre-bending must-read fiction of the year.”
  • $4.99 bargain books are all in one place. And this is good stuff, folks – Lisa Kleypas, Katie MacAlister, Lynsay Sands and more.

A lot of readers have been asking about the availability of ebooks of Dorchester titles.  Currently we send files to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  The files are sent at the same time, but I’ve found that generally has the books available anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months earlier than Amazon.  In fact, they currently have the abovementioned MY WICKED VAMPIRE in its digital edition.  And DARK LEGACY, for that matter.  Amazon hasn’t posted either for Kindle yet.

B&N ebooks can be read on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry, PCs and Macs.  And whatever new device it is that they’re annoucing tomorrow morning.