A few more titles I wanted to alert folks to that I didn’t get a chance to mention before dashing off to mingle at the PASIC party.

Celeste Bradley starts a new trilogy called Runaway Brides in August.  DEVIL IN MY BED is the first title.  According to the marketing descriptions, it’s a Regency-set series focusing on three lords with a “woman in his past who may or may not be the mother of his child.”    I’m a little unclear whether it’s the same woman for all three, but I’m guessing not because that would probably be weird.


Also in August, St. Martin’s will be reissuing three books from Lora Leigh‘s SEALs series for $4.99 apiece.  KILLER SECRETS, DANGEROUS GAMES, and HIDDEN AGENDAS will all be part of the promo.


Bantam seems to be making a big push for Mary Blayney.  TRAITOR’S KISS and LOVER’S KISS were released in beautiful combined mass-market volume last fall for $6.99 and the cover for her September 2009 release, STRANGER’S KISS is gorgeously foiled and embossed.  Trust me, the picture can’t do it justice.



Speaking of gorgeous covers, coming from Orbit in September is the first book of the Necromancer Chronicles by Amanda Downum.  THE DROWNING CITY takes place in a monsoon-drenched metropolis filled with pirates, smugglers and revolutionaries.  As a spy for the crown and necromancer, Isyllit Isklader hopes to make a name for herself in these very uncertain times, but suddenly the dead have a lot to say, and she’s not liking what she hears. 


Mary BaloghEvery month we get kits (folders of cover flats of upcoming releases) from other mass-market houses. They make the rounds around the office and everyone makes comments–looking for covers we think are especially good, news of our authors past and present, and any general trends.

Some notes on the May kits from Bantam/Ballantine/Dell:

Almost all the Ballantine books were romantic suspense, and those that weren’t romantic suspense were thrillers. All New York Times best-selling authors – Linda Howard, Mariah Stewart, etc.–which seems to fit the model for this house. Does that mean romantic suspense is the biggest thing out there next to paranormal? The impression that I get is that a lot of publishers saw its success and started doing a lot of it, but the reason it was so successful was because a lot big-name authors left historicals when the sales started to decline, and they jumped into suspense. So it started out–and, in my opinion, still is–more name driven than genre-driven. That said, there’s still a very nice market out there, but it can be difficult to break in because there’s so much of it.

Mary Balogh has consecutive March-April-May titles coming out with some of the most gorgeous historical covers I’ve seen recently. They’re lush and sensual and really, really beautiful.

Looks like a cool back-to-back-to-back series coming out for fans of historical fantasy. It’s called Traitor to the Crown by C. C. Finlay, and like Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, combines fantastical elements with real history; in this one it’s witches/magic/mages during the American Revolution. I don’t think it’s at all a romance, but sounds fun to me.