I hate April Fool’s Day.  Probably because I’m the gullible sucker who believes every news story until the very last paragraph screaming GOTCHA!  So far today, I’ve wondered:

  • how the Obama administration really planned to shut down the Internet every Wednesday to help promote reading in one of its initiatives for a book-publishing bailout program (via ShelfAwareness).
  • how Ann Aguirre could really leave the wonderful Bradford Agency to sign on with the new Dear Author Agency (as I dreaded having to hash out contracts with legal-eagle Jane Litte), and how Jane’s friendship with the Smart Bitches could have ended up in such a nasty-sounding lawsuit.
  • how this guy was was going to protect us from the end of the world.

Except, wait, that last one’s real.  Author David Robbins models the costume of Blade, a character from his wildly popular Endworld series.

So what stories have gotten you today?  I have a few signed, limited-edition chapter booklets from Angie Fox’s DANGEROUS BOOK FOR DEMON SLAYERS.  Everyone who comments gets one until I run out.