With all the slew of terrific submissions I’ve been getting lately, I’ve been bringing quite a few projects into our weekly acquisitions meeting.  At that meeting, all the editors present the titles they want to make an offer for, weighing  pros and cons.  Most of the final decision rests with our publisher and editorial director, but everyone’s allowed to chime in with an opinion.  And it’s important to stress that the group is all editors–not sales or marketing, though we obviously have to keep marketing and sales points in mind whenever we acquire.

But before we even get to the meeting, there’s a whole process of filling out title information so everyone coming to the meeting get a sense of the project.  For each title brought to the meeting, we have to include:

  • A brief, engaging description (about 1o0-150 words)
  • A short author bio with hometown and any award wins/special recognitions
  • main selling points and marketing hooks
  • author sales history (if any)
  • comparison titles and sales figures

Some genius agents are used to dealing with the acquisitions board process and put all this info right in their cover letter.  God, I love them.  They make it so easy to cut and paste.

But we accept agented and unagented material, so now even if you’re submitting on your own, you know exactly how to present your project in a way to make the editor love you forever.

And if you’ve already submitted but haven’t included the above info, no worries, you’re grandfathered in–I’ve got you covered!