Since we’re still not too far out of  the season for resolutions, why not try a few of these on for size.  You’ll be every editor’s fantasy come true.

  • Turn in your best work possible. Some authors under contract submit a draft at deadline–they figure there are going  to be revisions anyway, so they’ll just do all the revising at the same time.  Not really cool.  The more finalized your work, the more I can hone in on what needs to be changed, and–better yet–what doesn’t.  If you have questions or hit a stumbling block as you go, I always find it’s easier to call and we can brainstorm through any plot points together.
  • Speaking of deadlines…meet them.  Obviously, life happens sometimes and deadlines need to be changed; that’s ok.  Just keep us in the loop and everyone can adjust accordingly.  It’s when projects are consistently late that things get to be a problem.  If you show yourself to be a reliable author, you’re more likely to be considered for special projects like anthologies and continuity series.
  • Ask questions.  I often don’t know what you don’t know. Please don’t be afraid to drop me an email if there’s something on your mind. 
  • Be realistic in your expectations.  If you don’t know what this means, Ms. I Want To Be On Oprah, see above. 
  • Strive to get better with every book.