It’s been a busy New Year for folks at Dorchester.

We were sad to bid farewell to Alicia Condon, our Editorial Director, who worked at Dorchester for 24 years, but recently accepted a new position.  She is an amazing editor and just a gracious, wonderful person all around.  We all wish her the very best. 

Meantime, I was honored to be asked to become the new Editorial Director. 

It’s a really exciting time for us.  We’ve recently extended our partnership with HarperCollins, who is assuming the responsibility for select backlist titles as well as new books from Nina Bangs, Marjorie Liu, and C.L. Wilson.  This gives us a little more flexibility in our scheduling, but otherwise doesn’t affect any of the other authors on our list or our plans to continue to bring forth a mix of great new talent and exciting bestsellers in the future.

I’m also pleased to announce Allison Carroll will be taking over the management of the Dorchester website. Allison was an intern with us and proved to be such a great and natural addition to the team that I think we would have made up a position just to hire her even if one hadn’t become available.

We’re currently working on building the 2011 schedule and in a bit of an acquisition frenzy.  So if you’ve got material you’ve been wanting to submit, this is a fantastic time to give it a shot and send it in to submissions[at]