Sandra Ruttan deftly combines chilling cases and riveting personal relationships to hold readers “spellbound,” as Clive Cussler notes.  In fact, we here at Dorchester absolutely adore her books. Everyone on staff rushes for the copies as soon as they come in because we can’t wait to find out what will happen next for Ashlyn Hart, Craig Nolan, and their partner, known only as Tain.

We love the series so much, we want you to read the first book, WHAT BURNS WITHIN, for free.  Just click on the “Browse” button above to get started.  And if you want to share with friends and have the widget on your MySpace page, Facebook site or blog, click the “Get This” button and copy and paste the code–it’s that easy.

“Ruttan is talented in the way that a natural musician is talented, making all the notes seem effortless.”    —Crimespree Magazine

What Burns Within is a stunning book.  Not only is this the start of a great series, but more importantly it’s the start of a long and successful career.  Sandra Ruttan is one to watch.”  —Brian Lindenmuth, Mystery BookSpot