Dorchester and have announced the top vote-getters for America’s Next Best Celler contest. These entries are now semi-finalists in the contest to win a book contract.  Dorchester editors will choose 10 from the following list to be our finalists.  On Nov. 16th voting will open once again.  [Edited: Sorry, my mistake.]

Meantime, take a look and tell us your favorites.

1.    Manhunt

2.    Muse Struck

3.    Lancelot’s Lady

4.    Stay

5.    Death’s Angel

6.    Forever Freed

7.    Confessions of the World’s Oldest Shotgun Bride

8.    Fae Nights

9.    How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days

10. What She Was Missing

11. Courting Demons

12. Daughter of Fire

13. Vampire Vacation

14. Redeeming Characters

15. Enchanted Season

16. Death Waylaid: Passion of the Psychic

17. Primitive Nights

18. Tossing the Gloves: How to Love a Hockey Player

19. Highland Magic

20. The Hooded Man

21. Enchantment