I’ve wanted to start a behind-the-scenes series about some of publishing’s less visible jobs for a while.  And Tanya Reynolds, our marketing assistant, bravely stepped forward to tell us more about what she does.  Tanya, a journalism grad from St. Bonaventure University, has been at Dorchester for just about a year now, and as you can see by her diverse workload, she’s pretty much ready to take over the company.

So here’s the scoop directly from Tanya:

As sales & marketing assistant, there really isn’t much I don’t have my hands in at any given moment. I help out our senior VP for sales–organizing and monitoring our sales activity at various accounts, tracking foreign rights contracts and creating sell sheets & marketing pieces for our monthly sales kits.

Our marketing department is wonderful enough to trust me with organizing a few P.R. campaigns, editing pitch letters, writing newsletter pieces, and – perhaps my new favorite task – keeping up-to-date on publishing news and posting fun tidbits on our Dorchester Twitter feed.

I’m learning more and more about e-books as I gather and pitch to e-book retailers, and I work with our production department on plans to start getting our e-books in as many stores as possible.

Of course, as assistant, I also help tie up any loose ends: sort print numbers, compose data feeds for online retailers, and generate sales & marketing notes for each month’s titles before they become the short blurbs on cover 3s.

With so many tasks at hand and publishing changing so rapidly, I’m still learning new things each day, but the people here are fantastic – and that free pizza each month isn’t too bad, either.

When I’m not hard at work at any variation of these things, you can find me at my desk creating a new Elvis/No Doubt/50 Cent station on Pandora, or starting pop culture debates in the mailroom.