I’ve covered the basics of pitching in other posts: use comparisons where appropriate, keep it short, don’t be afraid to ask the editor questions.

But as I was thinking back to the pitches I took at the New England conference in March, there were a couple of people who got immediate brownie points.  They could’ve said pretty much anything and I would’ve requested their work. 

For those who are prepping their own pitches for RWA, here are those magic words:

  • “I’ve been a member of the Love Spell book club for years, and I really loved the Immortals series and some of the new authors you’re bringing out, like Elisabeth Naughton and Kathryne Kennedy.”
  • “I’ve been reading Leisure since I was a teenager.”

You might see this as sucking up (heck, it probably is a little bit).  I see it as someone who already knows the kind of stuff we publish.  And having those details counts for a lot. 

So go find a book represented by or edited by the person you’re going to pitch.  Read it.  And use it.