Amazon’s Kindle edged out the Sony Reader in a Consumer Reports lab test of dedicated ebook readers.  They found that while the Sony 700 had a faster page refresh and an easy-to-use touch screen, it couldn’t beat Kindle’s ease of use and clarity of the screen.

Personally, I think anyone looking to get into ebooks is best served with an iPhone or iPod.  You give up screen size, but you can use the device for so many other things as well. 

And just when you think you might finally have it all figured out, they throw new stuff into the mix.

The New York Times has an article today speculating on Google’s venture into ebook market, likely as a distribution platform to rival Amazon.

And DearAuthor reports on Plastic Logic’s new eInk device–which if I remember correctly is supposed to be a larger size to capitilize on newspaper, magazine and textbook reading–and the possibility of a much more affordable reader with new technology from Pixel Qi.