We’ve had some in-house chatting this week, wondering if the label “futuristic,” ironically enough, has become outdated.  There’s definitely been a drop in submissions and a resulting drop in published books.  Has it become passe, eclipsed by urban fantasy?  Or is it just time to refresh and revamp?

It seems as though some publishers are labeling the spines paranormal, hoping to capitalize on the bigger market, I’m sure.  But obviously future-set romances have a very loyal following, and we want to make sure we’re still reaching that core market. 

So what to do?  Call it sci-fi romance?  Stellar romance?  Just throw it under the paranormal umbrella and trust readers to find it?  Figure it’s a trend that’s on the downward dip right now but will come back up as soon as a buzz-worthy author captures the spotlight?

Tell us what you think.  One lucky commenter will receive Autumn Dawn’s brand new futuristic, WHEN SPARKS FLY, and some backlist goodies by Susan Grant and C.J. Barry.  The winner will be drawn on Friday, June 5 at 5 p.m. ET.