Happy May Day!

Authors, while at RT we had a chance to meet with dozens of incredibly enthusiastic folkseager to sell your books.  One of our main purposes of the meeting was to get advice on what they like best.  Here’s what they told us:

  • Most preferred bookmarks to postcards.  Some wanted to receive about 10; others wanted close to 50.  If you have a way to check with the store, please do.  But they will get used.
  • Some booksellers will include bookmarks for upcoming titles when they fulfull their online orders.  They try to match the bookmarks to the style of the book the customer is currently ordering in the hopes they’ll come back.
  • Night Owl Romance has a bookmark club where members receive five bookmarks every month for a nominal fee to cover postage.
  • Others offer a free bookmark with purchase to provide extra value to their customers.
  • If you’re going to send signed cover flats, please sign the front (the side the art is on) so they can better display it.
  • A number of stores tack up the cover flats to help encourage preorders from their customers.
  • Pens are useful, but they can be more difficult to include in mailings.
  • The best way to build a following for a first-time author is to let booksellers read the book.  Many are now willing to accept eARCs, but they also find chapter booklets helpful.

If you’re a bookseller and you’d like to let us know you’re individual preferences, contact me using the form on the About page.  And I’d love to hear from authors and booksellers alike more advice on what works in the Comments.