Watch out, world–I just found out I’m 70% demon slayer.  Want to learn what kind of slaying ability is in your genes?  Take Angie Fox’s quiz. 

And that’s how easy it is to spread the word.  Viral marketing depends on the creation of something fun, catchy or clever enough that people want to pass it on.  Everyone wants to go viral.  The tools are available, but it’s the message that counts.

And once you have that message, how do you get the word out?  Angie has options to email your score, post the widget on a website, or Tweet it on Twitter. 

Kathryne Kennedy is taking a different approach to buzz the release of ENCHANTING THE BEAST.  She’s offering the chance to win a five-carat Swiss blue topaz necklace to readers who tell their friends about the book.  The more friends you tell, the better your odds of winning. 

Book trailers are another tool some authors have used to spread a viral message.  But I find that for a trailer to be effective virally, it has to be incredibly funny, well-produced and intriguing, or very clever.  Having all three is even better.  I can think of only one or two book trailers I’ve passed on to people outside of publishing. 

Yet the video of Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and a Nightline news anchor reading from romance novels, I’ve definitely forwarded.