egg1 egg2    egg3  egg4egg5

The game: Find the Easter eggs scattered throughout the pages of the RomanticReads site.

The prize: An entire set of our May books listed here, before they’re available in stores.  We’re talking about highly anticipated releases from Trish Albright, Jennifer Ashley, Nina Bangs, Angie Fox, Kathryne Kennedy, the first of the new Hunt series, Zane Grey, and more.  Retail price is worth more than $100!

The details: Email me at lhulten @ (no spaces) with a list of links to every page and/or post on which you find an Easter egg that looks like those above.  The entry with all eggs found on the correct pages will win the books.  If there are multiple entries with all the links, I’ll hold a random drawing for the winner of the books and everyone else will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to the Dorchester website.  If no one finds all the eggs, the person with the most correct links will win the books.

Please number the links you send, and feel free to start with this page.  Ex:


2. xxx

Entries must be sent by noon EST on Wed., April 15.

Hint: There are more than 10 eggs, but fewer than 25.  And I tended to put them on pages I most wanted people to read. 😉

Happy hunting!