Really want to go to a conference this year, but struggling with justifying the cost in this economy?  How does a tax-writeoff trip to Vegas sound?

Intrigued?  Then you’ll definitely want to check out KillerCon, a new convention geared toward published authors,  aspiring writers, and readers of Thrillers, Paranormal Romance, and Horror.  The event is Sept. 17-20.  Tickets cost $125 and the hotel rooms are $80/night.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Keynote speakers already on board include Heather Graham and L.A. Banks, horror writers Edward Lee and Brian Keene, and multi-genre author Joe R. Lansdale.

The conference is being organized by event-planner and author Wrath James White.  He just sounds like he comes straight from a J.R. Ward novel, no?  Looks it, too:


Wrath is amazingly talented, amazingly organized, and it sounds like this will be a great time.