I’ve noted before that it can be difficult to get much editing/reading done at the office because there’s so much going on–coaching authors through revisions, deal negotiations, following up on payments, emails, phone calls, cover meetings, editorial meetings, marketing meetings, writing cover copy, and so forth.  It doesn’t take much for the reading to get backed up.  But how much is there exactly?  I started to make a list:

  • 100 pages of revised beginning based on earlier read and editorial notes for book due this month
  • 150 pages of line edits to finish manuscript for book due this month
  • full Western ms to edit due this month
  • 2 holiday novellas for Oct. book
  • first 100 pages of Nov. book
  • full ms for a Dec. romance
  • full ms for a Dec. Western
  • full ms for a Jan. romance
  • first 100 pages for a Jan. romance
  • full ms for an April romance
  • two option manuscripts

And that’s just everything from contracted authors.  I always feel as though I can never get back to authors as quickly as I’d like to with feedback. Mostly because with a Production schedule that averages one edit every week and a half just to keep on schedule, it can be tricky to get ahead.