The last few days of last week got away from me before I could even think of any topics to post, much less actually post them.

With Comic-Con and the Tools of Change conventions converging on New York City this week, we’ve had a number of visitors to the office: Marjorie Liu, Barbara Vey from Publishers Weekly, Jade Lee, Angela James from Samhain, agent Christine Wittholn and others.  We love guests.

Thursday was a flurry of meetings, from our monthly staff meeting to present the latest books – in this case, November 2009 – to the weekly editorial meeting to talk about things like scheduling lead authors and redoing our deal memo form (ooh, the excitement!).  And then I worked on writing a “From the Editor” letter for a new bookseller newsletter, discussing some of our May releases.

Friday included a brainstorming session with an author to talk about promotion for an upcoming release and then plans for the next several books after that.  I finished the initial edit on one book and emailed the manuscript back to the author with suggestions for revision.  I got back another manuscript from a copyeditor and went through his changes before also sending that to the author to look over.  And then I worked on a cover concepts for December 2009 books. 

Now it’s on to writing cover copy for November 2009. 

And that’s a little glimpse into some of the stuff we do.  You can see it’s not quite getting to read books all day.  But I have to say I enjoy the variety.