I’m still working on bring over the most informative posts from the old site, but a few new, razzle-dazzle features to note:

  • If you use a feed reader such as Google, Yahoo, Bloglines, etc., grab the new RSS feed at the top of the sidebar.
  • If you prefer to receive updates via email, check out the second link of the sidebar.  Click the link, fill out the form, and after a quick verification, presto – you have email.  Just come by to visit every once in a while; otherwise, I’d miss you.
  • As with all WordPress blogs, you can subscribe to receive followup comments via email.  This way you’ll actually know if I’ve answered your question.
  • I’ve added an About page with my some info about the site, my 2009 conference schedule and a contact form.  Booksellers and librarians, please drop by and let me know if you want extra promo stuff.
  • Covers and descriptions for August books are now available as are a listing of September titles has been added to the Coming Soon page.

This is a work in progress, so if you have other suggestions, bring ’em on.