I was just looking through the Harlequin kits for May and noticed, among other things, consecutive releases for new books in Stephanie Bond‘s “Body Movers” series in April, May and June, and Susan Mallery‘s “Lone Star Sisters” trilogy to be released in May, June and July.  This is on top of the Mary Balogh books coming out in March, April and May that I mentioned in a previous post – and these are just the ones I’ve happened to see in the last week or so. 

Obviously this tactic has worked in the past. We’ve had success doing it with our continuity series and the back-to-back C.L. Wilson’s books last fall.  The Lynsay Sands and Gena Showalter titles that came out over the summer also had a great sales boost.

Originally, one of the major wholesale accounts asked for this type of promotion, and part of the success has been due to this group’s support.  But how long will the novelty and “specialness” of it last? 

Do readers prefer to have series they can gobble up?  Or does it seem overwhelming if the third book of a series is out before you’ve even gotten the first?