How did it get to be Wednesday already?  Sorry for the lack of posts, but it’s been one of those weeks.  Does anyone else write stuff on the calendar after the fact?  Or put tasks on the to-do list after you’ve already done them just so you can cross them off?  For some reason in the really busy days it helps me feel a big sense of accomplishment just to look back on what I’ve done.

One of the things I kept meaning to write about was an article in the New York Observer earlier this week about the character of Don Draper on Mad Men.  For those who haven’t seen the show on AMC, it’s about a group of advertising  executives on Madison Avenue in the 1960s–all their smoking, womanizing, thin suits, drinking and the like.  I find it fascinating and slightly horrifying at the same time. 

But this article talks about Don Draper being a dream man, a real man’s man.  And given that my job is all about identifying and helping develop dream men, I have to say I was appalled.  He’s completely closed off emotionally, he’s cheating on his wife, he frequently skips out on his job or other family responsibilities.  I don’t think he matches one criterion on Gemma Halliday’s Perfect Man list.

And yet I keep watching. Keep hoping for a reconciliation. And wondering what is it about that bad-boy appeal?  The hope that he can be redeemed?  The anticipation of not knowing what he’ll do next? 

Writers, readers: what do you think?  How long can you put up with that alpha hero and all his dominance issues waiting for him to come around?