Wonderful & Funny, Warm & Caring,  Barbara Vey, aka “The Babs,”  takes time from her own blog Beyond Her Book at publishersweekly.com to impart some wisdom and to cheer up our day.

Barbara writes: Here’s my entry to the blog-o-rama while Leah is cavorting in Italy (ok, maybe I’m a little jealous).

Recently I attended a conference and there was an author lamenting the fact that it was her turn to blog on the author group site she belonged to.  She couldn’t think of anything to write about, so we all brainstormed and came up with a lot of great (in my opinion) ideas.  Then we explained how she could implement them to make them even more fun for her readers.

As I listened to her nay-say all our ideas, I finally noticed her body language and what she was really saying.  She hates blogging!  She loves writing books and entertaining her readers, but blogging is, to her, “A necessary evil that I don’t understand.”  My advise to her was don’t write a blog.  It’s obviously not for everyone.

I really believe it comes through when someone is just going through the motions.  Just like in books and I’m sure we’ve all read some of those.  Blogs should be fun, entertaining, enlightening and hopefully engage the reader enough to elicit some sort of response either through their comments or their passing on your link to others to read. 

No folks, this isn’t rocket science.  Reading a blog should be a short reprieve in your day to make you smile or think or maybe even learn a little something.  It should not cause anxiety and panic attacks for the writer. 

I’ll leave you with the best advise I ever received about blogging from my son, “Mom, pretend you’re sitting around and talking to your friends.”