What’s the most helpful thing I’ve learned as a writer? Stay flexible. Be willing to stretch and try something new. When my debut book came out, NY Times Bestseller Bobbi Smith told me the cardinal rule of writing. STAY PUBLISHED. I was naive enough not to realize how profound this advice was at the time. In order to stay published, I’ve added humor to my writing, probably the last thing I thought I could do.

But I’ve discovered how much fun it can be to write comedy and doing what’s necessary to keep the joy in writing is the 2nd most important thing I’ve learned since being published. Whatever you write, have fun with it. When I first started, I fully expected I’d be writing the greatest romantic epic since Gone with the Wind. Instead I’m writing PIRATE PICK UP LINES on my website and having a ball doing it. You never know where the publishing path will take you. Just keep walking.