With all the time we’ve been spending at the scheduling board lately, we realized that right now we’re swimming in romantic suspense and mystery romances.  For my part, at least, I likely won’t be acquiring any new authors in those genres for at least another six months, as our 2009 schedule is completely full.  It’s not a permanent thing, but I wanted to give a heads-up to those authors and agents who might be looking to submit.  And I’m not saying you can’t submit, but it might be a while before you hear back.

We all know that in publishing, genres trend up and down.  And don’t get me wrong, romantic suspense and mystery is still way up–that’s probably why we have so much of it.  But what do you do when you’ve written something that’s suddenly become a very crowded market (like vampires) or a dead market (like chick lit)?  You have a couple of options:

1. Wait it out. As I said, everything trends up eventually.  A few years ago, it was hard to find any takers for historicals.  It got so bad that writers had completely shifted to paranormals and I wasn’t getting nearly as many submissions as I had been.  But now, that’s definitely changing and I think historicals are back on the rise.  

2. Try to adapt your story.  Can a paranormal element be inserted into your romantic suspense or chick lit voice?  Can those vampires be changed into some other, completely fresh kind of creature?  This is tricky because the story still has to flow and gel together well.  But it can be done.

3. Ignore trends completely and send it around anyway. The good stuff will find a home eventually.

In the meantime, I’m still actively acquiring paranormals (and all its various offshoots) and historicals.