Brenda Novak’s auction to support Juvenile Diabetes is winding down.  If you haven’t skipped town yet for beaches and barbecue, check out the bidding on editorial critiques, digital readers, signed author copies, rare promo opportunities, amazing jewelry, and just about anything under the sun.  You can find it all on Brenda’ auction site.

I’m offering a critique of query letter, 3 chapters and synopsis here.  This goes for romance and YA projects.

Happy bidding!


For a limited time, the ebook edition of SEALed With a Kiss is available free!

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Feel like you’re always getting distracted?  Pushing things to the last minute (like starting a blog post due at midnight at 10 p.m.)?  The theme at the Casa Author blog this month is procrastination, and my post today is on how some things we might often consider procrastination can actually help increase productivity.  Truly, sometimes YouTube is ok.  See more here.

Another not-really-procrastinating time-eater is reading.  And now you can do it cheap with a Daring Debutantes and Dashing Dukes promotion offering $2.99 ebooks.  Authors include Laura Kinsale, Amelia Gray, Laurie McBain, Rosemary Rogers, Mary Wine and Abigail Reynolds.

In addition to Elaine Coffman’s newest release, we’ve made it easier than ever to find any favorite genre over on the new  For example, one click will get you everything Scottish. More search functions are being added every day, from werewolves to  Jane Austen-related titles and everything in between.  Sign up for the VIP program and get the full scoop–including 30% off your first order and the chance for some awesome prizes.

Commenters over on the Casablanca author blog have a chance to win some May releases today–WICKEDLY CHARMING by Kristine Grayson and SEALED FOREVER by Mary Margret Daughtridge.  All you have to do is let us know what says romance to you.

When editing I often find it’s the little things, the tender moments that would have little meaning to anyone outside these characters, that really make my heart melt and the story resonate long after I’m done reading.  Check out more here.

And we have an amazing deal on our upcoming SINS OF THE HOUSE OF BORGIA by Sarah Bower–just $2.99 when you preorder the ebook, then going up to $9.99 after March 1. List price of the print edition is $14.99.  Available at B&N, Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold.

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for the new Borgia series on Showtime, check it out below.

Our friends at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are offering an amazing prize package of our newest Casa Classics.  All you have to do is visit the post and leave a comment with which classic favorite you’d love to have back in print.  Good luck!

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

Love kids’ books?  Have 3-5 years of experience in the market?  Wanna work in NYC?  Email us–we’ve already got interviews underway.  Details below.

If publicity isn’t your thing, but you do read ebooks, check out our super-quick, one-question survey over at the Sourcebooks Next blog.

Assistant Publicity Manager – Children’s/YA— Sourcebooks, a leading independent publisher, is creating significant growth in one of the most challenging retail environments in recent memory because its employees share a belief that books change lives, that hard work and cooperation create motion, and that new marketplace realities require an entrepreneurial, innovate, and flexible mentality.  We are looking for a publicity manager for our Jabberwocky and Fire imprints who is ready to take our efforts to the next level and create opportunities for growth with new and existing partners.  This is a new position for our growing children’s book list (which includes five New York Times bestsellers).

This position will be responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing marketing and publicity campaigns
  • Organizing national book tours and appearances
  • Managing authors and maintain interview/appearance schedules
  • Securing national and regional print and online media for feature and book review coverage
  • Securing national and regional TV and radio interviews
  • Developing and maintaining strong media relationships with book media and children’s book big mouths
  • Managing junior staff members/interns

Requirements for the position:

  • Minimum 3-5 years related experience, preferably within children’s book publicity.
  • Established media contacts and experience pitching and working with book media
  • Strong pitching techniques and proven ability to generate creative media hooks required
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Proven ability to work within fast-paced, deadline driven environment

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual with high energy, excellent organizational skills and creative thinking abilities, and an interest in growing with a company that is quickly becoming a leader in the industry.  Please send a letter of interest, a resume and salary requirements to



Because there haven’t been enough blizzards in NYC this winter, I thought it’d be a good idea to travel to Chicago this week.  We did get in a great meeting with the great team at Levy, the folks who help get books into Target and Wal-Mart, before the snow started flying.  Truly, there’s nowhere we won’t go–even into the middle of a historic blizzard–to get books into people’s hands.  😉

Heck, we’ll even give away books for free.  This month sees the release of on of our YA line’s most hotly anticipated sequel, HAUNTED by Joy Preble.  A ghostly Russian czarina, a menacing mermaid, and a girl torn between her hot lifeguard boyfriend and the immortal warrior teaching her about powers she didn’t think were possible–HAUNTED is out in bookstores now.  And DREAMING ANASTASIA, the first of the series, is currently available as a free ebook.  You can find it wherever ebooks are sold in any format you prefer.


Whose Twitter posts most inspire you?  Today’s the last day to cast your vote for the Shorty Awards, celebrating the best people and organizations on Twitter.  Official categories include Author–@TeresaMedeiros, anyone? How the heck is she not in the top list?–Actor, Actress, Politician, and a number of others.  There are also a bunch of community-based categories.  And Sourcebooks’ own @draccah is a serious contender in the Publishing category.

To cast your vote, Tweet the following:

I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #Category because…

Or fill out the form here.

In the spirit of the new year and getting off to your best beginning yet, I’ll be critiquing opening paragraphs over on the Casa Author blog today.  Pop by and show me what you’ve got!